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La Tôlerie Armoricaine

La Tôlerie Armoricaine


Our facilities, of diverse and complementary type and capacity, provide us with flexibility to achieve your parts. We accompany you to meet the challenge of manufacturing in the shortest time.

After an accurate diagnosis of your needs and requirements, we offer the most suitable technical and financial answers.

LA TOLERIE ARMORICAINE has invested in modern means of production to ensure perfect quality of its products, ensuring high precision work.

LA TOLERIE ARMORICAINE has reliable partners in painting, screen printing and surface treatment enabling it to provide you a global service.

LA TOLERIE ARMORICAINE also complements its services of fine sheet metal work subcontracting providing assembling, cabling and integration.

Quality control :
Throughout the manufacturing process, each operator as well as quality controllers ensure that the specificities of customers are strictly followed.

LA TOLERIE ARMORICAINE has specialized control and measuring equipment, with a regular maintenance and calibration.

The large diversity and the fame of our customers will guarantee the quality of our services acknowledged by the
ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 9100 certifications.

ISO 9001

Materials worked: (in all its shapes: sheets, plates, round ...)


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